Organizations That Need Active Shooter Coverage

If you have responsibility for of a publicly-accessible facility, you know that because you provide easy, open access they are naturally very hard to secure. You have a daily, high volume transient movement of staff, students, customers and visitors that increase the chances of an active shooter event occurring.  After all,  anyone can gain unchallenged access at any time. If you happen to get things wrong, the potential liability for a non-employee (third party) being harmed in such an active shooter event can be significant.

Even with the best effort and best intent, things can go wrong, so wise facility operators obtain active shooter coverage.

Types of Organizations That Need Active Shooter Coverage

  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Entertainment Venues and Events
  • Retail (including, but not limited to banks, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls and stores within malls)
  • Religious House of Worship
  • Government and Municipal Facilities and Parks
  • Industrial and Commercial